After 20 plus years of consulting with organizations throughout Canada in tourism, economic development, health promotion and conservation, I felt my clients’ communication strategies were often missing something – the ability to really engage their audiences by telling stories using simple and cost-effective technology.

When COVID-19 hit and decimated the Canadian tourism industry, the need for this approach seemed even more urgent.  

By combining a proven communications planning model with STQRY’s digital technology, we have found a way to provide destination organizers as much or little help as they need to quickly and inexpensively build and deliver their stories and engage visitors.

For us, that’s only part of the story. As reflected in our values, we have been and remain committed to helping our clients and their stakeholders effect positive social and environmental change in their communities.

About Robb

For more than 20 years, I have been working with government, the not-for-profit sector and businesses in the areas of tourism, economic development, health promotion, sustainability and education to help them reach their strategic communication goals. I have had the pleasure of working with Health Canada, Natural Resources Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Health, Ontario Public Health Association and the City of Orillia to name a few.