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Tips for Creating Engaging Content

The third stop in our tours development tour is all about content development.   Recently, I had the pleasure of participating in a workshop called Experience Development 101 for Agri-Tourism hosted by Tourism Simcoe County and facilitated by Kim Clarke, Tourism Experience Development Specialist with Regional Tourism Organization 7 (Bruce, Grey, Simcoe).  The workshop highlighted the growing importance and value of experiential tourism opportunities […]

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What are your goals and objectives? The first stop on your tour

In my years of communications consulting, it was very common for organizations to want to jump into designing a campaign or initiative without first checking in about how the campaign was going to further their strategic goals and priorities. Completely understandable. The creative aspects – brainstorming about the messaging and how to reach the audience – are (for most people, including me) way more fun […]

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The power of storytelling

Like most people, for as far back as I can remember, I have loved stories. I loved reading them, hearing about them, seeing them on film or TV, even reliving them with my own, imaginary-world twist. (My siblings – who shall remain nameless to protect my reputation – have way too many embarrassing ‘stories’ about my great adventures […]

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Nimble, pivot and silver linings…

A study by Statistics Canada in October suggests that the economic impact of COVID-19 on the tourism industry could reach over $37 billion and result in a loss of over 400,000 jobs.