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What are your goals and objectives? The first stop on your tour

In my years of communications consulting, it was very common for organizations to want to jump into designing a campaign or initiative without first checking in about how the campaign was going to further their strategic goals and priorities. Completely understandable. The creative aspects – brainstorming about the messaging and how to reach the audience – are (for most people, including me) way more fun than starting with a review of goals, objectives, outcomes, etc. Yawn.  

However, it is a really important piece of the process. As Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat famously said, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” That is why we encourage our clients to at least do a check-in to make sure any tours that are planned and developed are going to be in line with (and ideally helping propel) Strategic Priorities, whether it’s increased awareness, education, fundraising or engagement. Even if your business is all about tours, checking in with your organization’s specific priorities will likely help you refine the tour design, development and promotion. 

Here are a few questions to help keep you grounded and on track: 

  • Which strategic goal(s) and priorities is the proposed tour going to help address? 
  • What are specific desired outcomes for the tour that align with the strategic priorities, and how can we design our tour to help reach those outcomes? 
  • What are some indicators (number of views, users, subscribers, supporters, etc.) we can measure to help us determine our success? 

Checking in with your Strategic Business and Marketing planning then sets you up for the next step in the Digital Tours Development Cycle, which considers the Target Market(s) for the proposed tour.  

Digital Tours Development Cycle